Monitor Speakers, and Sub Woofers

Samson Resolve 

Following on from the success of the Samson Resolv active monitor series, the NEW Samson Resolv SE6 is a high-performance active monitor speaker, loaded with a 6.5" woven carbon fibre woofer and 1.25" soft dome tweeter.

Offering a tighter and deeper bass than most other 6" monitor speakers within this price-point, the Samson Resolv SE6 is fitted with a perfectly matched internal amplification system that delivers 100 Watts of power. Performing down to 45Hz and then offering sparkling highs up to 27kHz, the Samson SE6 offers a level of detail that music producers will really appreciate.

Intelligent design features, such as a 4-way adjustable HF performance ensure the Samson Resolv SE6 performs to its optimum level in any environment. The new-look  and sleek styled cabinet has an inset waveguide to enhance the projection and critical listening area. Front porting means the Samson Resolv SE6 can also be placed close to the wall without any adverse effect to its performance. 

Maintaining integrity and detail are high volumes as well as low-levels, the Samson Resolv SE6 is ideal for DJ and recording studio use, whether laying down mixes or perfect productions, it has a specification to accommodate!

 Each speaker is $140... What a great buy..

Sub woofer.. I went with the KRK 12" 

Curved front plate design virtually eliminates diffraction distortion

High excursion 12" woven Kevlar cone

Thermal, overload, and clip protection to prevent damage

Front-firing port provides low frequency extension while reducing boundary coupling

Unique port shape is optimized to avoid turbulence

Volume control on rear of unit allows a high resolution gain range from -30 dB to +6 dB.

Metal grill is standard to protect the driver from damage

This really hits.. Will piss of the neighbors, and wake up the whole house full of people... Perfect right Get iT!!!