Midi Controllers, and Interfaces

So have you ever wondered how now a days the music is so different in sound.

Maybe I will get to that section later, but for now I know you want to lean the Talentkat way of production. 

So lets go...

First things first... Im the realest.. lol

No really, Start out by creating a goal for yourself.. one that you can be obtain. This will give you drive and determination to over come producers block. Once you've reached your goal... Reward your self with something higher in price and bigger and better then what you already have....

My first midi controller keyboard was the m-audio 49I This was just what I needed to experiment and practice finding my sound... For beginners, rookies and intermediate producer's  this is your ticket to trial and error. Have at it... Use that pitch bend for the West Coast sounds, low keys for the bass, mid's, high's, and the up and down octives for your synths, strings and horns.

My next midi keyboard you should pick up is The M-Audio Oxygen 49 MK III 49-Keys USB

8 assignable knobs, 9 assignable sliders-control DAW and virtual instrument parameters

DirectLink mode-instant controller mapping to DAW functions

Dedicated transport and track slected buttons-streamlined session control

Pro Tools compatible-extends industry-standard functionality

Bus powered 49-key USB MIDI controller-easy computer connectivity

Too much fun!!!

When you graduate from the goal you created for you self... DA, DA DA, DAN

Get your self the Williams 88 keys!! You will thank me for it later...

Interfaces are ver important. 

Apogee is for your iPads and Macs.

However any of the Focusrite Scarlett series is good.. I personally have the 18i8

2 microphone inserts with XLR inserts as well... Just take my word for it..