Cheap and Affordable Great Microphones

Cheap Condenser mic’s: Under $100

MXL 990 (includes shock mount) 

Starting at $99.00

The MXL 990 awesome industry's sounding michrophones. This is a high quality condenser microphone that works great with bot musicians and recording artist.

Monoprice (includes shock mount)

Starting at $69.00

Get outstanding vocal and acoustic reproduction.

The mic requires 48V phantom power to operate and has a standard XLR connection.

Intermediate condenser microphones

AKG Perception P220 michrophone

Starting at $229.00

This Mic has a cleanr and warm sond for lead vocals. Singers step up and get what you need… Great sound equals awesome production…

Rode Nt1 A

Starting $199.00

 This is the mic for all rappers… I have made well over 500 songs with this same mic and well hey go check out my sound?